Opening remarks – Finding a signal amidst the noise – Ms. Rita Notarandres, CEO, CCSA

Evolving perspectives on smoking cessation therapies – Dr. Andrew Pipe

A taste of Motivational Interviewing: an update on MI-3 – Dr. Peter Selby

Electronic cigarettes: Where’s the smoking gun? – Dr. Paul Sobey and Dr. Jeff Daiter

Marihuana for Medical Purposes regulation – Health Canada – Mr. Jacinthe David and Dr. Hanan Abramovici

Reglement sur la marihuana a des fins medicales – Health Canada – Mr. Jacinthe David and Dr. Hanan Abramovici

Cannabis in Medicine: Use,misuse or abuse? –  Dr. Mark Ware

Marihuana – New regulation policy and early results – Dr. Alan Budney

Evolving psychosocial approaches to addiction treatment – Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull

Compassion Fatigue –  Dr. Tara Tucker

Bridging research and clinical practice: key strategies to creating innovative addiction treatment services –  Dr. Kim Corace and Dr. Melanie Willows

Rapid delivery of addiction medicine service to patients in detoc centres and hospitals. The H-SOAP project – Dr. Meldon Kahan

Prescription medication abuse – Dr. Corey Waller

Potential drug abuse: when “doctor” rhymes with “pusher” –  Dr. Marie Morin

Medicaments a potentiel d’abus – Quand docteur rime avec pusher –  Dre. Marie Morin

Decreasing the harms from prescription drug misuse: a case for pharmacists and prescription monitoring programs – Dr. Beth Sproule

Medication Misuse: a physician survey on patient abuse and diversion of prescription drugs – Dr. Melanie Strike

Update on Pharmacological Treatment for Drug and Alcohol dependence – Dr. Ivan Montoya

Factors affecting the treatment outcomes for patients undergoing methadone treatment for opioid addiction: a focus on sex hormones and chronic pain –  Monica Bawor and Brittany Dennis

Partial Agonists and half truths: The use of Suboxone in the treatment of chronic pain –  Dr. Andrew Smith

What’s new in Hep C and Hep C treatment – Dr. Curtis Cooper