2017 CSAM-SMCA Annual Meeting and Scientific Conference

We wish to personally thank the plenary speakers and experts who submitted abstracts for presentation within symposia. CSAM sees its role as being the venue for the presentation of the Canadian addiction medicine experience. We congratulate you on your efforts and extend an offer to submit abstracts for presentation in 2018. We encourage your submission to the Canadian Journal of Addictions.

We hope you will consider joining us in Vancouver for next year’s conference.  We are already planning symposia on indigenous issues, process addictions, and the influence of childhood trauma on addiction outcomes, as well as special tracks for allied healthcare professionals. We seek your suggestions to ensure our conference meets your learning needs.

We have noted growing enthusiasm and passion among attendees over the last two to three years. There is a coalescing of efforts and opinions in our field. Accordingly, your Board of Directions will convene within the next year to develop medium and long-term courses.

We feel that we are at a crucial juncture in addiction medicine. Our patients are facing serious issues. Government, industry and the public are looking to healthcare professionals to provide answers and direction. The Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine wants to play a primary role in developing and operationalizing the approaches that will be employed in addressing these issues. This can only occur with your membership and involvement. If you are not a member of CSAM, we invite you to join today.  Members receive the Canadian Journal of Addictions, a monthly newsletter, discounts to the conference, and more.

See you in Vancouver for CSAM 2018.

Paul Sobey, CSAM President & conference co-chair
Jenn Brasch, Ontario rep and conference co-chair

CSAM Lifetime Achievement Award

President Dr. Paul Sobey presented the CSAM Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Juan Negrete. Dr.Negrete developed and, for 15 years, directed the MGH-MUHC Addictions Centre. Although he has attained emeritus status, he continues to work in a full-time capacity, performing regular clinical duties, supervising trainees, collaborating in clinical research studies, and lecturing at CME events. He is also very active doing medical expert work.








2017 CSAM Certificants

Five people received their CSAM Certification this year:

  • Dr. David Martell
  • Dr. Doug McGhee (not shown)
  • Dr. Larina Reyes Smith
  • Dr. Lucila Nerenberg (not shown)
  • Dr. Robert Tanguay








Best Poster

Best poster award went to Cristina Zagtanelli and co-author Amy Woroniuk for their poster Stuck in the Middle with You: The role of the nurse practitioner in addiction and mental health








Photos by Amber Dawkins
More pictures from this year’s conference (click on picture and then on play for slideshow)

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